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2019 Report on the Saving and Investing Habits of Women and Men

This report was published before we changed our name to Moka in July 2020. Learn more about our rebrand here.

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, we explored Canadians’ financial behaviour and attitudes to advance the conversation about gender disparity and promote financial equality. Click here to download the PDF report.

Working to narrow the gender gap

We created Mylo to help all Canadians achieve their financial goals. Last year, for International Women’s Day, our report provided a unique look at the financial inequality that exists along gender lines in our country. The findings were eye-opening and influenced how we think about our mission as it relates specifically to women.

This year’s report details our subsequent efforts to support the unique needs of Canadian women, from how we develop product features to the marketing campaigns we use to promote them. The work we’ve done in the past year has resulted in a significant increase in the number of women who are using Mylo to save and invest to reach their goals.

We’re encouraged by the progress we see, but we know this is just a start. The insights from this year’s report show that the gender gap is still glaring. Moreover, our users show us that there may be important opportunities to further help women deal with personal debt.

We are committed to boosting our efforts and I’m hopeful that Mylo can continue to play a role in helping all Canadians have equal access to financial opportunities.

Thanks to everyone who has worked towards the progress we’ve made, and especially to all the women who have embraced Mylo along the path to achieving their financial goals.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Philip Barrar,
Founder & CEO, Mylo

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