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Kittens and other causes that matter: Why we Round Up to Give

We launched Round Up to Give to empower Moka users to make a difference by donating spare change to the Canadian charities that matter to them most. There are 86,000 registered charities that you can support through the Moka app. Here is just a snapshot of some of the inspiring causes that Moka team members are getting behind.

 My family ran the Terry Fox Run in our neighbourhood for over a decade. We started when my husband Liam’s mom got cancer.  Our kids were in strollers back then but we stuck with it as they grew and were big enough to bike and then run alongside us. Now I’m ready to swap my running shoes for roundups when it comes to supporting The Terry Fox Foundation, which has raised over $715 million for cancer research and awareness.” –  Maria, Controller

“For the past six years I’ve been on the committee for the YMCA Quebec Peace Medals, which recognizes individuals and groups organizing activities for PEACE or participation, empathy, advocacy, community, empowerment. One of the coolest initiatives I’ve encountered while on the committee is Burgundy Urban Mediation Project (BUMP). The project employs three mediators to prevent street violence in Little Burgundy, a Montreal neighbourhood that isn’t far from the Moka offices. BUMP is funded by Prévention Sud-Ouest, a registered Canadian charity that has been working to reduce crime and violence for 30 years.” – Liam, Chairman

I come from a family that loves animals. My parents built an outdoor shelter for strays to protect them from Montreal winters, and my aunt worked at the SPCA in Montérégie where she saved animals from abusive homes. Today, I have two really fat fluffy cats named Harold and Kumar, and I would have dogs, too, if I had the space! I’ll be rounding up for the SPCA because I appreciate all the work they’ve done in my neighbourhood Verdun to protect alley cats. The Montreal SPCA cared for over 16,000 animals in 2016.” – Randy, Customer Success

“I’m rounduping for Doctors Without Borders. I like the idea of contributing to a cause that helps people when they need it most. They offer free medical care for people in 70 countries–everything from treating kids in sub-Saharan Africa with malaria to building emergency health kits for when natural disasters strike.” – Matthew, QA Analyst

“Last year, I participated in a Hockey Helps the Homeless tournament. The charity raises money for at-risk youth and homeless. Each team at the hockey tournament got the chance to draft former NHL players. We had Shaun Van Allen and Bryan Berard on our team, and we got to play against Marc Bergevin, general manager of the Habs. Our team raised $17,000 that day, and the whole event raised $306,500. With Roundup to Give, I can give back to this cause even when I’m off the ice.” –Dave, COO at Tactex Asset Management

“I’ll be rounding up to give to the Alzheimer Society of Montreal. I lost my grandfather four months ago and he fought Alzheimer’s disease for eight years. He was a proud man who immigrated from Greece and worked hard to build a comfortable life for his family here in Montreal. It was incredibly hard for my family and I to watch his condition worsen over time, but we took comfort in the lesson he taught us to enjoy every moment as it came, with laughter and dance. The Alzheimer Society has programs across Canada to help people living with Alzheimer’s and related dementias as well as the people who care for them.” – Tahnya, Analyst

“I’m passionate about financial literacy. That’s why I’m excited to round up for Pathways to Education, a charity that helps underprivileged kids finish school with one-on-one tutoring and exam prep while teaching them the financial literacy and job search skills they’ll need after school. It’s a national charity, but it has branches in many neighbourhoods, including mine, so with Pathways you can make a difference in your local community. I really respect how Pathways empowers kids in need to manage their finances by giving monetary assistance directly to them, instead of their parents, because it teaches them the responsibility they’ll need to really succeed in life.”
– Phil, Founder & CEO

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