Finfluencers 2018

Ying Soong, Founder of La Tourelle Capital

Ying Soong is one of our 30 Inspirational Women in Canadian FinTech and Finance!

Ying (@YingLTC) is the founder and managing partner of La Tourelle Capital, an investment firm that backs financial service companies. Here, she shares her best financial advice, opens up about her impressive career, and honours the women who inspired her along the way.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your career?

YS: I am most proud of starting La Tourelle Capital to invest in Canadian startups.  

Who were the women that served as role models in your life?

YS: The amazing women of my alma mater, Wellesley College, have been the greatest source of inspiration and support for me.  They have consistently shown me that women can and will succeed.

What was the best financial advice that you’ve ever received?

YS: “Save every penny.”  This resonates with me because it is important to best utilize and treasure every single resource you have.  Often, we focus on grand visionary goals but stop valuing and enjoying the daily toil and grind that takes us to our goal.

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