Finfluencers 2018

Michele Romanow, Dragon and founder of Clearbanc

Michele Romanow is one of our 30 Inspirational Women in Canadian FinTech and Finance!

Michele (@MicheleRomanow) is the founder of Clearbanc, a financial service platform for freelancers. She’s also the youngest ever Dragon on CBC’s Dragon Den. Here, she shares her best financial advice, speaks about her impressive career, and honours the women who inspired her along the way.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your career?

MR: I’m most proud of building an incredible team with exceptional partners. Everyday, I get to work with people that are much brighter than me to build a better world. At Clearbanc we’re very focused on how to bring capital to small business without taking onerous terms or personal guarantees by using better data sources.

Who were the women that served as role models to inspire you in your life?

MR: There have been many. Ruma Bose was an enormous mentor throughout my life encouraging me to dream even bigger than I thought possible.

What was the best financial advice that you’ve ever received?

MR: Invest in yourself. It’s the only real investment you control. I built my first three companies with the little money that was in my bank account and learned how to be capital efficient very early on. It has served me well for years to come.

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